Major Equipments

  1. Medium frequency coreless induction furnace (300kg)
  2. Sand Mixer.
  3. Air Compressors
  4. No Bake/Oil Sand,CO2,Shell,Core Making facilities.
  5. Shot Blasting Machine.
  6. Pnuematic Moulding Machine.
  7. Hand Moulding Machine.
  8. Suitable Fetling tools(Padestal grinder,Hand grinder)
  9. Heat treatment Furnace.
  10. DG Set( 320 KVA)



Consist of following appratus

  1. Sand Testing Instrument.
  2. Chemical testing Facilities i.e Carbon,Silicon,Mn, S, P, Cr, Ni, Mo etc.
  3. Carbon Sulphur determinator.
  4. Metallurgical – Microscope
  5. Instant Carbon Silicon Analyzer.
  6. Spectrometre.


Inspection and Quality Control:

ISO 9001:2000 certified

Visual Inspection

Dimensional check with micrometer, Dial Guage, Varnier calipersetc.

On-Line process control.




1-Automoble industries(clutch plates,release plates,forks,fingers,oil pump body etc)

2-consrtuction industries(scaffolding like top cup,jack nut,prop nut,wing nut etc)

3-Iron mongery,ornamental& decorative castings.

4-Railways( transmission, insulators)

5-Export(pneumatic cylinder mounts,clevis,eye brackets etc)



We never compromise with quality.Quality is matter of respect.Quality is honoured at various stages of production honestly.